SVG Image Replacement (svgIR)

svgIR uses a mixture of techniques to replace plain text with Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG). If the script is supported then the heading below will be a fancy font (Agent Orange):

Hello World

In Opera 8 the image is appended directly as an imported SVG node (because Opera now has native support). The same functionality applies to SVG-enabled mozilla builds, however the replacement element doesn't show up (it's there in the DOM inspector, but you can't see it; I don't know why).

In other browsers, if the Adobe SVG Viewer is detected, the image is included using an <object> element. This works in Firefox (if you're using Viewer 6.0 beta), Safari, Win/IE5-6 and Mac/IE5.

If scripting (or this script) is not supported, the heading will be plain text.

For details and downloads please see: