The JavaScript Ultimate Reference

By James Edwards

The JavaScript Ultimate Reference is an ongoing project to create the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference for JavaScript programming, anywhere on the web or in print. The JavaScript Reference is a complement to the already-published HTML Reference, by Ian Lloyd, and the CSS Reference, by Tommy Olsson and Paul O'Brien.

Since the finished JavaScript Reference will be so much larger than the others, and will therefore take significantly longer to write, we decided to publish the material in sections rather than wait for the whole thing to be finished, so that we can get the information out there and helping people as soon as possible.

The first release of JavaScript material was on January 27th 2009, with the publication of the DOM Core Reference. This section covers all the objects, properties and methods defined in DOM 1 and DOM 2. The next section to be published will JavaScript for Browsers, covering browser-based objects that are commonly implemented, but not defined by standards; things like location, navigator, window and screen.

At the same time as this, we'll be publishing an Introduction series of articles, that look at the basics of programming in JavaScript, and also a range of articles covering more advanced Principles and Techniques.

Publication Timetable

Chapter Status
1. Introduction In Progress
2. Language Reference
3. DOM Core Published
4. JavaScript for Browsers In Progress
5. JavaScript for X/HTML
6. JavaScript for Style Sheets
7. JavaScript Events
8. Principles and Techniques In Progress
9. Appendix: Reserved words
10. Appendix: Specifications
11. Appendix: Tools
12. Appendix: Index of language constructs, objects, properties and methods

JavaScript Reference

  1. Introduction
  2. Language Reference
  3. DOM Core
  4. JavaScript for Browsers
  5. JavaScript for X/HTML
  6. JavaScript for Style Sheets
  7. JavaScript Events
  8. Appendices

Oh by the way..

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