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Bye-bye Games!

11th December 2011

Regular visitors may have noticed that the Games section has gone. It simply isn't an area I focus on very much, and everything in that section was at least 5 years old. Most of the games are still here though, I've simply moved them into the main Scripts and widgets library, incorporating them into the re-named Games and novelties category.

But two games have gone completely. One is the version of Hangman, so old that it was originally written for Netscape 4 (for those who don't remember, Netscape 4 once held the position of ‘demon browser’ that's occupied by IE6 today, back when IE5.0 was the best browser available). Also gone is the Chess Player script, that only ever worked properly in IE5.5.

Latest scripts & stuff

Asynchronous Processing Unit (APU) <mmxi.xi.xi>
A fast and highly-controllable abstraction for performing intensive computation in JavaScript, without freezing-up the browser.
Image Transitions 2.0 <mmxi.v.xxxi>
A collection of stylish transition effects, that can add a touch of class to ordinary image-swaps, or form the basis of a slideshow or presentation.

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