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This library is all about getting back to basics — there's no tag soup, no annoying mouse-trails or pointless visual effects, only scripts which are genuinely useful, standards-compliant, and as sensitive and accessible as they can be (with reliance on scripting a given). Scripts that give users more control, instead of trying to wrestle it away from them.

Abstract illustration: a dusty-green cog. I'm not trying to build an all-encompassing library here, nor cater for every possible need. There are plenty of resources for that already out there, and anyway, the growing popularity of JavaScript frameworks is making such things essentially redundent. No, what you've got here is a sort of boutique, if you like — a novel collection of scripts that I develop because I need them myself, or because I was curious to try something out, or because somebody asked me to develop something specific. Obviously I can't publish everything I write, because much of my work is for, and ultimately owned by, paying clients. But everything I can publish, I generally do; and here we are (smile)

You'll also find a strong emphasis on accessibility in everything I write. As far as possible, every interface is accessible to the keyboard, and every script plays nicely with screenreaders, to the best of my knowledge and ability. I also do my best to develop with internationalization in mind, and always try to consider the educational value of what I produce just as much as its functional use (especially when it comes to commenting my code!)

Notes and specs

The majority of the scripts in this section are client-side, written purely in JavaScript. However some of the scripts are marked with a [php] symbol, and these are either entirely server-side, or they're hybrid scripts that use PHP for server interactions.

MIME compatibility

All the scripts work within XHTML served as application/xhtml+xml (as well HTML or XHTML served as text/html).

Browser compatibility

Some of the scripts only work in a limited number of browsers, and in those cases the documentation will say which are supported. But most scripts work in all modern graphical browsers, which specifically means:

  • Opera (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Mozilla browsers like Firefox, Flock and Camino (for Windows, Mac and Linux, as available)
  • Webkit browsers like Safari, Chrome and Konqueror (for Windows, Mac and Linux, as available)
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later (for Windows)


French translation (Translated by Natalie Harmann)

Cette bibliothéque est tout au sujet de revenir á l'essentiel — il n'y a pas la soupe de tags, pas de souris sentiers ennuyeux ou effets visuels inutiles, seuls les scripts qui sont réellement utiles, conformes aux normes, et comme sensibles et accessibles, car ils peuvent être.


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