Version 1.2, 1st November 2004

Legacy warning: this is a very old script, and may not work correctly in your browser, if it works at all.

Frogger is based on the classic 80s arcade game. You're a frog, and you have to make your way from the bottom to the top of the screen, avoiding moving traffic in the road, and landing on floating objects in the water, until you reach the five bays at the top.

This game was originally designed for Internet Explorer 5.5, though it does still basically work in Firefox and Safari — but it's slower and the animation is not very smooth. I made this game a long time ago — before I knew better!

The game is available in the following languages (opens in a popup window):

The hints and tips guide is available in the following languages:

Get the script

Download the zipfile [62K], unzip it into your site directory, then see play.html (in the root directory) for the necessary game-launching code.

The zipfile includes the game in all the languages that are currently available. It doesn't include the expanded hints and tips, or the hi-score module.


Many thanks to Franz Dolegeal, Gabriel Pradiipaka, Tolli Einisson, Pauline Wilson, Marius Kolff, Deanna Sterling, Ronald Baronner, mordred and Spudhead for providing translations.

Get the script

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