IOTBS Manual

Step 2: Add the XHTML containers

The next step is to add some HTML containers - one for each of the switching controls you want. The controls will be generated inside these containers (appended as children) and here we're using empty <div> for convenience, but you could equally use elements that are already there on your page. The important thing is that each has a unique ID, for example:

<div id="screen-switcher"></div>
<div id="print-switcher"></div>

These containers are actually optional - they're only needed on pages where you want a visible switching control. On pages which don't have these containers, the script will still apply saved preferences, but not generate the controls.

Choose a mode and interface | Include the scripts and style sheets

IOTBS Manual

This is the developer's manual for IOTBS v2.1:

  1. Choose a mode and interface
  2. Add the XHTML containers [this page]
  3. Include the scripts and style sheets
  4. Configure the JavaScript
  5. Write the CSS

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