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9th January 2006

This page showcases a collection of JavaScript puzzle games written specially for the Sony PSP. The games can be played online, but they're designed to be downloaded as a package and saved onto the memory stick, so that you can play them anywhere.

The following games are currently included:

A game of logical deduction in which the computer thinks of a color sequence, and you have to work out what it is. How to play Mastermind
A memory game where you have to remember and match pictures of faces. How to play Faces

Playing the games offline

When you download the zipfile and expand it, you'll end up with a folder called "JS_GAMES". Connect your PSP to your computer via the USB connection, then copy that folder onto the root of the memory stick.

Once it's there you can access the games using the address: file:/js_games/index.html (addresses are not case sensitive, but note the single slash - "file:/" rather than "file://"). You don't need to be connected or have the WLAN switch turned on.

How to play Mastermind

Mastermind is a game of logical deduction. The computer will think of a sequence of four colors, you have to work out what they are.

Start by making a guess. Each of the colors you guess will be marked Black or White. Black means the right color in the right place; White means the right color but in the wrong place.

So for example: if the sequence was "Red Yellow Green Yellow" and you guessed "Red Green Blue Blue", you would score a single black and a single white - a black for the "Red" in the right place, and a white for the "Green" in the wrong place. When you get it exactly right you'll score four blacks.

You have seven attempts to get the sequence right, and if you succeed you'll progress up a level, where the number of possible colors will increase; if you get it wrong you'll drop down a level. There are four possible colors at the start (which may be repeated within a single sequence), and goes up to a maximum of seven or down to a minimum of three.

How to play Faces

Faces is a picture-matching memory game. The computer will randomly select pairs of faces and hide them in a grid of squares, and you have to uncover the pairs.

To play the game you click the squares in pairs, to see if they match, and then try to remember what was where in order to match all the pairs in the grid. If you succeed, a button will appear saying "re-shuffle", which takes you up to the next level.

In the two levels that follow, the game gets progressively harder as you have to select first from pairs of images that are two parts of the same face (in the second level), then groups of four images that are quarters of the same face (in the third and hardest level).

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