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All the downloadable scripts on this site are original creations, and are protected by UK, European and international copyright law. By downloading and using any script you confirm that you have read and agreed to the following terms of use:

  1. You MAY use the script for both personal and commercial websites, applications and other projects, free of charge, according to the terms of the BSD license. Each script includes a “license” file with the the full text of the license, and your use of the script implies acceptance of that license.
  2. These terms apply ONLY to content in the Scripts, Games and Reference sections — those which have an explicit download link, headed by the title Get the script or Get the files. Anything which doesn't have an explicit download link, or is in another section of the site, is not available under these terms. (If you're not sure please ask)

:) A link-back is always appreciated, but it's not a condition of use.

Latest scripts & stuff

Asynchronous Processing Unit (APU) <mmxi.xi.xi>
A fast and highly-controllable abstraction for performing intensive computation in JavaScript, without freezing-up the browser.
Image Transitions 2.0 <mmxi.v.xxxi>
A collection of stylish transition effects, that can add a touch of class to ordinary image-swaps, or form the basis of a slideshow or presentation.

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