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The TwitterSearch dialog, viewed in Opera 11 for Mac OS X The TwitterSearch extension is a search and notifier tool for Opera, that searches the Twittersphere to tell you what people are saying on any subject. Search for the name of your product, brand or company; follow your favourite artist or football team; or just revel in the endless stream-of-consciousness that's poured into Twitter every second! TwitterSearch can give you instant, live results for any search; it can also monitor searches in the background, then notify you whenever somebody Tweets something new on the subject. I was commissioned to write this, and several other extensions, by Opera themselves, as part of a project that's still ongoing (and from which there'll be more stuff to come  (thumbs-up))

Main features

Instant Twitter search

Search for keywords and phrases on Twitter and get instant, live results. Results are split into pages of 20 Tweets, so they're quicker to load and easier to navigate.

Automatic search and notify

The extension can monitor a query in the background, and notify you when there are new results — the toolbar-icon is updated to tell you how many new Tweets there are. You can also control the update frequency, with settings that range from 5 minutes up to 3 hours.

Understands Twitter keyword-syntax

TwitterSearch understands the special keyword-syntax used in Tweets:

  • "#hashtag" (Tweets that are tagged with a particular hash-tag)
  • "@username" (Tweets from a particular user)

Hashtags and usernames are automatically converted into search-links, so you can quickly search within results. Links to external pages are also parsed, and can be opened directly from the dialog (ie. without having to go to Twitter first).

History and auto-complete
The extension will permanently remember the last 100 things you searched for, and offer them as auto-complete suggestions when you're typing in the search-box.

(There's also a little easter-egg hidden in the UI, that you can activate by typing "-opera-shock!")

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