Festival Cookery Guide

This is not a cordon-bleu type guide, it's based on the idea that what you need at a festival is cheap, easy to make and nutritious food that tastes really nice. You can usually buy hot food, you can generally go without, but the smoothest vibes always accompany camp cooked food; not to mention how much cheaper it is - something that becomes more apparent as the festival goes on!

It's easy to forget about food, especially when you're off your face, but eating well makes such a difference to your overall state of well being. In my opinion, you can't beat food cooked over an open fire; it's such a pleasure to make and always well received. Plus you get an added boost from knowing that you haven't consumed any fossils fuels.

If you're looking for a full-on survival guide try The Survival Bible or consult the rather excellent SAS Survival Guide. I'm assuming you have access to a pre-festival shop and that you have the basic equipment you need. None of the kit or ingredients is expensive or hard to find, so it won't matter if you don't have much cash, so long as you haven't caned it all :)


The guide is split into two major sections - the main cookery guide, then a selection of festival-spun recipes. You can also download the whole thing in PDF format. Use the links in the right-hand column to browse.

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